CES & Rehamed Introduce new PM Service Program for Handicap Lifts
In cooperation with RehaMed International, the USA’s leading manufacturer of innovative ADA-approved battery-powered handicap lifts, CES is pleased to introduce the first of its kind, Preventative Maintenance (PM) program for Pal & Splash pool lifts. Now you can be sure that your pool lift works whenever you or your patrons need it, and help assure total compliance with ADA requirements.
Under this program CES will provide the following value-added service:
•    Complete PM service 2 times each year. This service includes:
o    Check operation of all component parts of your lift.
o    Lubricate all moving parts.
o    Confirm all electrical readings meet manufacturer’s specifications
o    Clean all electrical connections.
o    Tighten & torque all connecting bolts.
o    Thoroughly clean and wax your lift.
o    Provide any operating instructions to staff.
o    Make any necessary repairs.
•    Provide any warranty or non-warranty service. (See below)
•    Provide any warranty or non-warranty parts as required.
This service is available to any facility that owns a lift manufactured by RehaMed International.
Warranty and Non-Warranty Replacement Program
At the time of the PM service if the unit requires a new component, and the unit is still under the RehaMed Factory Warranty (see warranty details), CES will replace the defective component with NO additional labor charge. If the specific component is confirmed to be beyond the warranty period, the CES Technician will replace the defective part (upon authorization), at a discounted price, with at no additional labor charge.
At the same time, this program qualifies you to receive great discounts on the many upgrades available for both the Pal and Splash lifts.
Please contact your CES representative for more information on this PM program for your Splash or Pal handicap lift.
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
The Rehamed / CES PM Service Program appiies to all RMT lifts reqardless of where it was purchased. CES Technicians stock all common repair parts in order to provide you with quick and comprehensive repairs to all lifts.
Your Pal or Splash lift can be retrofitted with great new features in order to increase the functionality and performance of the lift. Please contact your CES representative for preferred pricing on these options.