BECS / CES offer new upgrade for all 2000-2006 System5F Controllers
BECS Technology and CES are proud to announce an inexpensive Version 2.21 upgrade to the thousands of System5F controllers sold and installed between 2000 and 2006. This upgrade will provide a host of great new features and will integrate new programming ideas made by CES and many of our customers.
History: The System5 and System5F controller line was designed and manufactured by BECS Technology of St. Louis, and were sold under the brand name of Strantrol® between 1998 and 2006. Many hundreds of these controllers were designed, installed, and supported by CES in our appointed territory of Florida and the Caribbean Islands. In 2005, BECS ceased labeling these controllers under the Strantrol® name, and introduced a new line of BECSys5 controllers equipped with many new features including 5-year warranty, digital circulating pump GPM monitoring, direct PPM monitoring and control (in addition to ORP), pH and Chlorine chemical inventory level sensing, wireless communications, salinity level monitoring, and many others features to be released by the end of 2007.
Continuing Development & Support: Instead of phasing out support of earlier controllers, BECS and CES have launched several new programs to update these controllers with inexpensive upgrades that add new functionality and popular new features. This is a responsible yet very rare practice in today’s world of manufacturers having a quick-to-obsolete mentality. This particular Version 2.21 upgrade increases the features and benefits of the controller without adding any circuit boards or hardware.
New Features: The Version 2.21 upgrade includes modern features such as:
  1. Dual Setpoint Booster Mode (DSBM): DSBM is a great new feature that allows the controller to seamlessly operate Saline chlorinators, UV Systems, Peroxolyte Feeders, and Ozone Generators in conjunction with the DOH-required chlorination system. In an Ozone Treatment application, for example, DSBM allows the pool to be as “non-chlorine” as possible while seamlessly integrating the backup chemical system to maintain only required amounts of chemicals. This is a HUGE improvement to the earlier booster mode found in the System5F.
  2. Feed Delay: A great new feature that allows a programmable feed delay to prevent overshooting of chemical levels upon restarting of circulation systems after prolonged shut down periods due to power outages, filter pre-coats, other flow interruptions.
  3. Directional Lockout: This programmable feature helps avoid all nuisance lockouts of chemical levels found in previous versions, and concentrates only on the important lockout depending on what type of chemical feeder you are using.
  4. Fax/Page Selection: Another big improvement over the System5F software, Version 2.21 allows you to individually select either a fax or page out alert for EACH of the six callout phone slots. For example, that means that the system can first FAX an alarm to the main office, follow up with pager calls to several key maintenance employees, and follow up with confirmation fax if the service issue was not resolved. Earlier versions allowed only one type of callout selection for ALL six contacts.
  5. Improved communications: The downloading communications performance has been improved immensely, making the system quicker and more reliable during on-line monitoring and downloading sessions. In addition, new BECSys for Windows program allows communication from ANY 1995-2006 BECS-Manufactured Stantrol® controller PLUS any current BECSys5 or BECSys7 controller to any computer equipped with Windows XP or Vista. This was not possible using earlier communications software.
  6. There we many other improvements and modifications, such as password-restricted ORP calibration,  that the experienced operator and service technician will quickly appreciate.
Overall, this upgrade is a quick and simple way to get better performance and a longer functional life out of your 2000-2006 controller investment from BECS and CES.
The conversion is VERY affordable, takes less than one hour to complete, and comes with a full two-year warranty on the Version 2.21 firmware.
For more information on the Version 2.21 (CES Part # CK M000053-2.21) upgrade, please contact your CES representative.
NOTE: this upgrade is ONLY available through BECS Technology and CES, and is NOT available through any Strantrol® representatives.
Strantrol and Stranco are registered trademarks of Siemens Water Technologies.
Neither BECS nor CES is affiliated with Siemens Water Technologies.
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
The new line of BECSys5 controllers evolved from the System5 platform and are equipped with many new features including 5-year warranty, digital circulating pump (GPM) monitoring, direct PPM monitoring and control (in addition to ORP), chemical inventory level sensing, wireless communications, salinity level monitoring. Many more new features to be release by the end of 2007.
Hundreds of BECS-manufactured System 5F controllers were installed by CES between 2000-2006. Our newly released and inexpensive Version 2.21 upgrade equips these rock-solid controllers with 2007 features, and increases the functionality without adding any circuit boards or hardware. New features include a safety chemical feed delay, DSBM booster mode, enhanced interactive communications, and many others.