New Sand Filters - Great Water Quality, Very Versatile
Sand filters are back as the overwhelming choice of pool owners and operators. Their popularity is due to versatile, affordable, and low maintenance designs found in modern systems. This article will look into the keys to successful sand filtration systems, and new technologies that make it possible.
Not a new technology: Since the early-1900’s invention of recirculated pool system, sand filters have been the most popular overall filtration system in the world. Large steel tanks slowly filtered pool water and provided great water quality with little maintenance. In the 1970’s and early 1980’s many pools turned to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters as they were much smaller, were much less expensive to install, and provided good water quality (while more labor-intensive) that was supported by cheap and readily-available labor. Since mid-1980’s sand filters are back as the predominant choice of owners and operators. Their resurgence is mostly due to the low maintenance at a time when qualified pool maintenance labor is more expensive and harder to find.
MIsconceptions of sand: Inexperienced residential and light-commercial operators will tell you that sand filters produce poor water quality. At the same time, sand has been the filter used (almost exclusively) for professional operators such as Wet-n-Wild, Disney, Busch Gardens, Water Parks, Municipalities, Universities, and competition pools. Why the difference of opinion? Residential sand filters are normally not equipped with precise internal components needed for proper cleansing of the media during backwash, thus producing a system that pollutes itself over time, thus requiring periodic changing of media. These filters are also installed using sub-standard media that will not “polish” the pool water. Both of these limitations are easily resolved with good design and installation. Plus CES systems offer risk-free performance and longevity. CES filters are also rated as “permanent media” filters, thus allowing years of crystal-clear water out of the same media.
New systems are versatile: In the mid-1980’s you had to build the pool room to accommodate the sand filters. Even the professional models came in only several sizes, so there many “multiple tank” systems. CES’s National® filter line boasts three different diameter tanks, accounting for over 27 different filter sizes, which are configured into hundreds of different combinations. Filters can be shaped like a “sausage” or more like an “egg”. Filters can be stacked, with or without the unique National stacking stands, thus cutting the required floor space in half. Systems are either 50 PSI or 100 PSI, and normally come equipped with either a semi-automatic or fully automatic design thus making them quick and easy to backwash. The filter piping can be either front mounted, rear mounted or both, or top mounted. Access manholes are clear to allow you to observe and verify proper backwash and can be locate on front, left, or right-hand sides.
Enhanced water quality: CES sand filters consistently produce excellent water quality with little or no down time, thus water quality seldom “deteriorates” due to clogged filters and reduced circulation. Additionally some of CES’s filter systems can be configured to produce DRINKING WATER quality consistent with EPA Standards for Drinking Water under the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR).  That’s right, Drinking Water-grade water from your swimming pool. Several South Florida municipalities have adopted this CES / EPD® / National® standard for their pools and spas. So much for the old wives tale that sand filters produce substandard water.
A quick and easy conversion: CES has successfully completed hundreds of sand filtration conversions from labor-intensive DE or Cartridge filter systems. CES will help size, engineer, supply, and will help seek qualified bidders for the installation of these systems. After installation, CES will provide the warranty administration and on-site service for these systems normally equipped  10 to 25-year warranties.
For more information on CES’s highly-versatile and affordable sand filtration system conversations, please contact your CES representative.
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Filters can be stacked, with or without the unique National stacking stands, thus cutting the required floor space in half.
FIlters are available in either 50 or 100 PSI models with either top-mounted or end-mounted piping. Clear acrylic access manways allow observation of backwash and can be located in front, left or right hand side depending on filter design.
Simple maintenance-free design provides great water quality.
Popular single-lever linkage allows quick and easy backwashing of filters without turning the pool pump off. This process can be automated at a later date using the versatile CES BW control system.