CES unveils unique “ Q5TM” Pool Rating System - Patent Pending
While there are plenty of rating systems that help patrons identify quality establishments on the basis of “Stars” “Diamonds” or even “Forks”, until now there have been NO rating systems that identify a quality pool operation. It is common to find a 4 or 5-Star hotel with a 2 or 3-Star pool operation, or even a 3-Star hotel with a top notch 4 or 5-Star pool operation. Now there is finally a better way.
Introducing the CES Q5TM Rating System (Patent Pending), which is a culmination of 25 years of in-field research, on-site technical support, and code compliance programs. It uses a 50-point evaluation process administered by certified field auditors to rate a swimming pool operation between 1 and 5-Stars. It goes above and beyond Health Department Codes and helps the owner consistently provide the safest and most appealing pool water, even under the heaviest of bather loads.
Q5TM helps owners & patrons: While its easy to spot a blue and pretty pool, that doesn’t mean that it is safe to use. Other aspects of a swimming facility, such as construction and operation, are not readily apparent to those unfamiliar with the intricacies of pool construction and operation.  While pools can provide endless hours of enjoyment for patrons, they can also pose the possibility of hidden dangers, if the pools are not constructed properly or operated safely.  It is therefore very beneficial to both the owners of these facilities and their current and prospective customers to use a system which gives them a quick and easy way to verify the quality and safety of the swimming facility.
Q5TM is comprehensive: The Q5TM Rating System covers the entire spectrum of pool operation. Points are given for achievement of certain quality standards in:
  1. Safety and Code Compliance,
  2. Mechanical Systems,
  3. Pool & Spa Physical, and Aesthetic Appeal,
  4. Oxidation, Water Quality, and Water Balance,
  5. Maintenance and Operational Items.
Q5TM is prescriptive: Unlike many rating systems that only provide a current rating, the Q5TM system also offers the customer a path for improvement of operations through enhanced maintenance, upgrading or adding needed equipment, procedural enhancements, and operator training and certifications.  The improvement path can be quantified, planned and budgeted.  Direct and achievable improvements can be scheduled and procured based on the quality standards.
Q5TM is simple to understand: The Q5TM Standard allows customers to fully understand the parameters that directly affect water quality in their pools. They will help develop a cause and effect relationship with improvements in system, procedures, and water quality. This can be monitored on a minute-by-minute, daily, or weekly basis.
The Q5TM inventor has designated CES as the exclusive supplier of the Q5TM rating system in Florida and the Caribbean. In other parts of the US, the Q5TM program will be administered by other well-established water treatment experts.
Over the coming months, we will be providing more information and answering any questions regarding this unique program.  If you are interested in participating in the Q5TM program, please contact Q5@CESWaterQuality.com .
Saturday, June 30, 2007
The CES Q5TM rating is a unique package that extends above and beyond State and Local Codes, Building Codes, and normal in-house or subcontracted pool service programs. Prescriptive programs allow you to methodically improve your facility based on an award-winning formula for excellent pool care.