CES introduces streamlined Pump Sizing & Proposal program
CES is proud to announce a new web-based Pump Sizing and Proposal program to assist you in receiving correct and comprehensive pump specification and pricing as quickly as possible.
As you know, CES is the Florida & Caribbean Master Distributor for ITT Marlow line of recreational water pumps. As such, we provide pumps, parts & accessories, and technical support to thousands of end-users, pump companies, motor shops, pool builders, service companies and more.  ITT Marlow has the most comprehensive product line in the industry, and includes a very wide variety of styles, types, sizes, and includes features which can sometimes be cumbersome and confusing to work with. As a result, sometimes important details on the pump selection process are missed, and this can prevent us from getting you the correct pricing and availability information on a timely basis.
The CES Pump-Select program offers simple pull down menus to help you choose between the different types and options. It is quick and easy to navigate through this process. Once the form is completed, simply press the SUBMIT button, and the Pump-Select request will automatically be routed to an experienced CES pump specification representative.
The CES Pump Select program will allow selection of ITT Marlow pumps that include:
  1. Short and Long Coupled built-to-order Self-Priming pumps from 1 HP to 175 HP with flows up to 7,400 GPM
  2. Stock self-priming circulation and feature pumps from 2 HP to 20 HP with flows up to 800 GPM
  3. Flooded suction built-to-order centrifugal circulation and feature pumps from 1 HP to 150 HP with flows up to 4,400 GPM
  4. Stock flooded suction circulation pumps from 5 HP to 20 HP with flows up to 1,500 GPM
  5. Axial Split-Case circulation and feature pumps with flows up to 110,000 GPM
  6. Vertical Turbine circulation and feature pumps with flows up to 150,000 GPM
  7. Selection of factory and field applied coatings, shaft and seal options, and other options including strainers, variable-frequency-drives (VFD’s), etc.
To access the CES Pump Select program, simple click on the enclosed link, or you can access from the ITT Marlow section of the CESWaterQuality.com website.
The CES Pump-Select web-based pump sizing and selection program does NOT displace the personal attention and technical support offered by your CES representative, but is has proven to help identify all the important parameters required to help you select the best ITT Marlow pump for your specific pumping application.
If you have any questions regarding the filling out of the CES Pump-Select form, please fill out as much  information as possible (including the contact info), and write PLEASE ASSIST in the Project Name section.
Please contact your CES Rep with any questions on this program.
Saturday, September 1, 2007
The CES Pump-Select program features simple pull-down menus to all major variables necessary to make a correct pump selection. “Required fields” are clearly marked in RED. Once complete simply click on the SUBMIT button, and the request is automatically routed to a CES pump sizing expert.
ITT Marlow pumps come in a wide variety of styles, types (flooded suction, self primer, etc), sizes, and with features which can sometimes be cumbersome and confusing to work with. The CES Pump-Select program helps us provide you with the best pump for your particular pumping application.