Florida Department of Health in final stages of new code revision
The Florida Department of Heath is in the final stages of re-writing the existing 64E-9 code that governs all commercial pools in Florida. This was announced this month by Robert Pryor, DOH veteran from Tallahassee, during a recent UPSA (United Pool & Spa Association) training session featuring presentations by DOH (on proposed code revisions) and by CES (on ORP controllers).
CES and other industry leaders are involved in this code revision process, both as individual representatives, and as members of UPSA. Our mutual goal with the DOH is to continue to refine what is already viewed as one of the best swimming pool codes in the USA.
The current code revision includes several proposed changes that still must make their way through the approval process: These proposed changes include:
  1. Comply with CDC guidelines in the event of a fecal release.... instead of “consider complying”.
  2. Requires actual certification that lighting requirements are being met for nighttime swimming. This must be done by an engineer, lighting contractor or electrician.
  3. Bathing Load calculations for interactive water features based on 1 bather per 5 GPM of recirculation flow ONLY and NO Longer considering the area of the feature. This will lower allowable bathers in most shallow interactive water features.
  4. No more direct suction on pools & Spas as All pools built without a collector tank must be retrofitted on or before January 1, 2011 to eliminate ALL direct suction through the main drain, with stricter time deadlines for spas (2010).
  5. Water Activity Pools, Wading Pools, & Water Features must be equipped with UV Sterilization units or some other technology that is proven to remove Cryposporidium. The full flow of feature water must be treated.
  6. Signage must include the caution that: “Pool Water is NOT safe for drinking”.
  7. Recommendation that ALL Direct Suction vacuum devices be removed from the pool. This means that many older pools must switch to a portable vacuum system.
The DOH is currently accepting feedback and suggestions on any potential addition or revision to the code that will provide a safer pool, or an improvement to current procedures. Mr. Pryor mentioned that the time period for submitting this feedback will be closed shortly, so he suggested swift action for those interested parties. Once the revisions have been completed, the DOH will host a Public Workshop to discuss these changes in more detail.
To view the current “Workshop Revision4” version, feel free to download this by clicking on the enclosed link....
If you have suggestions or comments, please forward to newsletter@ceswaterquality.com, and we will route to the pertinent DOH official.
Thank you for your assistance in making Florida a better place to swim.
Saturday, September 1, 2007
The Florida DOH is currently accepting comments and suggestions for changes to the 64E-9 code that governs Florida pools, spas, features, and bathing places.
Download the currrent “Workshop Revision 4” using the link below, and contact CES with any questions or comments.