BECS / CES introduce new software to monitor ALL your CES Controllers
Once again, BECS Technology introduces a revolutionary new product, that is “backward compatible” to all previous BECS/CES “interactive chemistry controllers” dating back to 1995. The new BECSys for Windows program allows direct connection, remote control,  information retrieval, and remote log and event data storage for all System 4, System 5, System 5F, System 6, System 7, and ECS systems (these models were manufactured by BECS under the brand name of Strantrol® from 1991-2005), as well as BECSys5, and BECSys7 controllers (manufactured by BECS under their own brand name). The program is compatible with all operating systems from Windows 95 to Vista, and offers slick graphics and clear, and an easy-to-follow operator interface. It is the only program that allows you to monitor and download a variety of different controller platforms side by side.
Easy to load and use: Installation and loading of the program  is simple and the on-screen instructions are easy-to-follow. Once successfully loaded on your PC, the BECSys for Windows is a snap to use. The program is much more stable and  is easier to operate than its predecessor. A flexible Site Database, also with an Explorer-style interface, allows the operator to organize multiple controllers and sites to their individual preference, you can quickly view what firmware version the controller is operating under and when it was last downloaded. There is an interactive help interface to guide you through the set up and monitoring of the control devices.
Get Face-to-Face from Afar: BECsys for Windows is the only program that can put you face-to-face with your matter how far away you are. You can log on to any controller and access all set up parameters, make adjustments to the program or to chemistry or temperature set points with a few easy clicks of the mouse. You can even initiate or modify powerful alert notification features from your PC. Anything you can do from the controller face panel can be done from the comfort of your home or work PC.
Manage Data: BECSys for Windows provides a complete package for the downloading, information management, long term storage,  and pinpoint retrieval of all pertinent pool information. Depending on the type of controller used, you can log and store information for: ORP, pH, Chlorine, Ozone, Filter flow rate, Temperature, Surge tank level, Filter Backwash Information, Water Clarity (in NTU’s), Influent and Effluent Pressure, Vacuum readings, and much more. You can access data at any time, or use the convenient auto-polling function to automatically retrieve chemical and event data during off-peak hours. Once retrieved, the data is stored in a concise format that allows you to pinpoint historical readings and view trends.
Troubleshooting made easy: Feeders not keeping up, strainers getting dirty, filters back-washing too often? BECSys for Windows makes it easy to review logs and to observe trends and events that may be causing you water quality or operational issues. Then click over into the operators screen and make necessary changes to  help correct the problem.
The price is right: As an introductory offer, the BECSys for windows program is available at NO COST to any current CES customer. We will provide the program and assist you with technical support to help you get the most out of your existing CES control system.
BECSys for Windows is yet another customer-friendly innovation from BECS Technology and CES. It can not only connect you with your new BECSys5 or 7 controller, but it can also keep you connected with the solid CES System4 model that you installed in 1995. Thanks, BECS....keep it coming!

Please contact your CES rep for more information on BECSys for Windows.
Monday, April 30, 2007
The BECSys for Windows program allows easy organization and access to all your sites. A handy icon show the controller model at a glance. A quick info screen shows model, firmware version, and recent monitoring & download sessions.
The flexible log window shows feeder on/off events, chemistry, temperature and flow rate readings, and more. Drill down to a previous week or month for the maximum in liability avoidance. Prints in either graph format or in a spreadsheet style report.
The Operator Console shows you current chemical readings, temperature, flow rate, alarm set points, active alarms, Ryznar and Langelier water balance levels, current feed status and much more. Change set points. alarm thresholds with a click.
Complete control from afar. BECSys for Windows allows you to program any and all variable from your PC. Change your heater temperature, raise or lower chlorine and/or pH levels, or change  your alert notification programs. It easy to use and powerful.