For Best Results, Start your pool season out with a SHOCK.
CES customers are reporting great success using Truox® non-chlorine shocks and CES Hybrid (24/7 non-chlorine) treatment programs. These have definitively resolved issues including: smelly water, excessive chlorine consumption, cloudy water, eyeburn, an others in many heavily-used CES pools. Now, this same technology can be used to help you start your busy summer season on the right foot...and help you save time and money. Start your season with a New Beginning™ shock and get great results. Read more.

We have always known that water quality deteriorates as organics accumulate. Every time that we overload a pool (more than 1 bather per 5 GPM of DOH flow rate), that the chlorine is allowed to get overwhelmed (not keep up), or that the circulation or filtration system is overburdened by excessive bathers and organics, THE POOL WILL GET “SICK”. Signs of a sick pool include smelly water, excessive chlorine consumption, cloudy water, eyeburn, algae blooms, and too low an ORP (<700 mV), with too high a PPM (>3.0 PPM). 

Then and now: In earlier days, industry professionals would close their pools, shock with large amounts of chlorine for 24 to 36 hours, remove the excess chlorine with a dechlorination dosage, and the problems would go away. Remember that in the 70’s and 80’s some municipal pools would be closed every Monday as a “shocking” day. What has changed since then? Organizations are packing more people in their pools than ever before, with camps, aerobics, swim teams, learn-to-swim classes, etc. At the same time many operators simply cannot close their pools for 12 hours no-less 24-36 hours. So....we are faced with the task of operating a sick pool, without a chance to close the pool for proper “recovery”. 

New Technology to the Rescue: New granular non-chlorine chemical technology, called “peroxolytes” was pioneered and patented by Truox® several years ago. These include New Beginning™ shock treatment, and Purolyte™ shock. The New Beginning™ shocks allow us to complete an aggressive removal of organics from pool water in a short  (4-8 hours) period of time with NO chemical residue, NO dechlorination, and surefire results. As reported in an earlier newsletter to assure continued success, a 24/7 feed of Purolyte™ non-chlorine shock, fed with a CES Tru-Shock feed station can keep the problems from re-occurring. 

Give your Pool a New Beginning™:There are several great uses for New Beginning™ treatments.
Recovery Shock: As described above, New Beginning™ is applied as a RECOVERY SHOCK to recover moderately to severely contaminated pools to a pristine condition over-night. Your dosage rates will be calculated by your CES representative, and full procedures and technical support are available. On very rare occasions it may take more than one treatment as the first treatment will get great results, but may also remove only one of the “layers” of contamination from the pool piping.
Piping Cleanout: New Beginning™ has been successfully used to remove built-up organic residue from piping and filter systems. Imagine of you never cleaned your tile...what would it look like after 5-10 years. Well several feet away, your pool piping can build up the same type of residue, that has been proven to harbor bacteria and other sources of “chlorine demand”. Call “bioslime” in some research publications, this  buildup can help cause a “SICK” pool. The CES cleanout treatment can remove these sources of chlorine demand return the pool to a healthy condition.
Convert a Bromine Pool to a Chlorine pool: Tired of using Bromine and want to switch back to Chlorine? Bromine is a complex chemical that uses chlorine to regenerate used-up Bromine (Bromide ion). To permanently convert a Bromine-treated pool to a Chlorine-treated pool, one normally would need to drain the pool completely and start over. This would allow the chlorine to provide the disinfection instead of just serving to regenerate the Bromine. New Beginning can be used to make the conversion over-night without draining.
Get rid of excess Stabilizer: Excess Stabilizer is another chemistry challenge that is only corrected by draining the pool (partially or completely) and replacing with new water. Until now there has no simple and cost-effective means of removing. New Beginning™ can be applied to effectively reduce or eliminate isocyanuric acid.
Eradicating Algae blooms: CES has experienced great success treating difficult green and black algae-riddled pools with both Purolyte™ and New Beginning™ treatments. One country club in the Tampa area had a severe long-term black algae problem that would not respond to traditional shocking, algaecides, etc. The extra oxidizing power of the Truox® treatments cleared the problem immediately and has kept it away for over a year.

Truox® non-chlorine treatments can be a valuable component of a successful pool operation. They can help resolve existing water quality problems, and keep them from returning. Combined with a well-rounded water treatment program it can save you lots of time and money in operating your heavily-used pool.

Please contact you  CES representative for assistance in diagnosing any water quality issues.
Monday, April 30, 2007
This graphic illustrates the complex reactions that take place when you treat “SICK” pool water with a CES New Beginnings® non-chlorine shock treatment. Unlike complicated chlorine-based shocks that require 24-36 hours to complete the cycle, the New Beginning shock is quicker, cleaner, and less toxic to the pool and the bathers. Shock your pool before your heavy pool season, and see INSTANT results. HIgher ORP’s, lower Chlorine residuals, crisper and cleaner pool water.
Another proven application for New Beginning is the clean out (or “boilout”) of organically-soiled piping and filtration systems. This is a relatively quick procedure that will remove years of oily, organic, and potentially bacteria-laden debris from pool piping. Many CES customers have experienced dramatic results from this  treatment. CES technical staff will guide you through the entire process for guaranteed results with no risk.