CES offers “customer to customer” web service to new & existing clients
CES is offering a unique “customer-to-customer” (CTC) web-based service to help you in promoting and selling  any surplus equipment and accessories to the wide network of CES customers in the US and the Caribbean.
This “customer to customer” section of the web site is designed to help you advertise your goods, free of charge, until it sells.....
Need ideas?
How about that unused circulating pump, diving board, lane line package, pool blanket and winder, or other equipment that you need to clear out of the pump room or warehouse. While Ebay is great, the CES - CTC service targets thousands of customers like you...to get the best coverage with the quickest return.
To activate your “CTC -- Customer to Customer” listing, please log on to http://www.ceswaterquality.com/cust2cust.php and click on the link to send us a brief description including:
Equipment or commodities listed,
Brief description of features (50 words or less),
Model and/or serial numbers if applicable,
Price and terms,
Contact information including phone number, and email address.
Upon receipt of your information, CES will produce your entry, and post it on the web as a service to you and your organization.
If the unit sells, or you want to retract your offer, we ask that you please email us so that we can remove from the website.
They say that  communication is the key to success, and we can assist you communicate with the greatest network of aquatic facility customers in the Florida & Caribbean marketplace.
We look forward to assisting you by providing “Excellence in Water Quality Control”.
Saturday, March 31, 2007
CES introduces a great service for all new and existing customers. This will allow you to help sell your surplus equipment and accessories to CES’s wide network of Florida and  Caribbean premier aquatic facilities. For more information or to sign up, log on to the customer-to-customer (CTC)section at http://www.ceswaterquality.com/cust2cust.php
Sample entry from the CES Customer-to-Customer Web Service.