ChlorKing® Saline Chlorinators - new program, same old success!
On October 1, ChlorKing® Inc, a Georgia-based manufacturer of commercial saline chlorination systems announced that effective October 15th, they have ended their exclusive National Sales relationship with Biolab Inc. They will now service the market DIRECT via their existing network of nationwide distributors.
CES is proud to be the exclusive ChlorKing® distributor in Florida and the Caribbean. Under the previous arrangement, CES was the Biolab® distributor selling ChlorKing® products. Under the new arrangement, CES will buy direct from ChlorKing® and pass the “middleman” savings to the customer.
ChlorKing® is the most innovative manufacturer in the Saline Chlorination business. Their 25 lb unit is the largest saline chlorinator in the industry. They also have a great reputation for reliability and performance.
ChlorKing® offers three distinct Saline Chlorinator lines:
  1. MIni: Industrial-Grade Residential & Commercial units in 1.25 and 2.5 LB per day models. These units consist of (1) electronic box and (1) clear PVC reaction chamber. They come standard with reverse polarity which provides “self cleaning” characteristics to the cells. These Mini Saline chlorinators are the ONLY units in this size range that are DESIGNED to operated at full power 24/7 365 days a year. Many residential-grade units have a “boost”mode for full power, but can only operate in that mode for a few hours without causing damage. The ChlorKing® design means you will make more chorine, and save more money over the life of the unit.
  2. CHLOR: Industrial-Grade Commercial units in 3.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 LB models These units consist of (3) electrical boxes, and (1) clear PVC reaction chamber. These also come standard with reverse polarity feature with provides “self cleaning” characteristics to the cells. These are viewed by many as the most advanced saline chlorinators in the industry.
  3. CLASSIC: Industrial-Grade Commercial units in 3.5, 5. 7.5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 LB models. These units consist of (2) electrical boxes, and (1) clear PVC reaction chamber. These units DO NOT have the reverse polarity feature, thus they require periodic cleaning of the reaction chamber. ChlorKing® has developed an automatic cell-cleaning package that makes this maintenance procedure quicker and easier. These units are less money than the CHLOR model, as they lack the 3rd electrical (Reverse Polarity) box, and the reaction chamber is simpler to build with NO reversing.
Other innovative products include:
  1. CK5000 salinity level controller. This innovative device combined with the self-cleaning toroidal sensor continually monitors and displays the existing salinity level in the pool or spa water. It has a 110V output that, when connected to standard chemical feed pump, can provide direct CONTROL of the salinity level.
  2. Saturated Salt Feeders. These innovative feeders are designed to provide a fully saturated salt solution that can be pumped into the pool using the CK 5000 controller and a Stenner Feeder. These are available in (3) sizes: 30 gallons - holds 300 lbs of salt, 55 gallons - holds 550 lbs of salt, and 100 gallons - holds 1,000 lbs of salt.
  3. Industrial-grade saline batch chlorinators. These are designed to be used in drinking water plants, waste treatment plants, or other industrial applications. They differ from the swimming pool saline chlorinators in that the water is not “salted” and recirculated....this package unit makes chlorine out of salt & electricity. Sized up to 200 lbs per day per unit.
As you can see, ChlorKing® is the undisputed industry leader in both performance and innovation. CES is proud to be the exclusive master distributor for Florida and the Caribbean.
With the DIRECT relationship between ChlorKing® and CES beginning October 15th, we will be able to serve you better than ever.
You can access more information on ChlorKing® Saline Chlorinators at
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Monday, October 1, 2007
ChlorKing Systems come in three different models (MINI, CHLOR, and CLASSIC), with over 24 systems in all ranging from 1.25 lbs/day to 25 lbs/day. Systems can either be Classic-Style or “Self-Cleaning”. All systems are equipped with clear PVC reaction chambers so that you can observe the chlorine-making process in action.
The new factory direct program with CES, means additional savings for your facility.
The new ChlorKing salinity control system combines a salinity-level monitoring and control device with a proprietary salt dissolving tank system. This provides the ultimate in convenience - no more dragging bags of salt to the pool deck.
2.5 Mini