Customer Spotlight: Broken Sound Club - Boca Raton
The Broken Sound Sound club recently completed a modernization to their pools and spas that provides enhanced water quality for their patrons. At the same time it will provide simpler and more consistent pool operations, which will offer great savings in pool operating costs.
First Modernization - 2004
Broken Sound first approached CES years ago, when they were looking to put the finishing touches on a 2004“non-automated” saline modernization. CES provided an interactive System5F controller package for the main lap pool and adult pool, and provided additional “Precision Control” control packages for the wading pool, outdoor spa, and men’s & women’s indoor spas. The control packages provided 24/7 control of saline chlorinator output and pH levels in order to provide guests with the best water quality available. They also provided the “booster mode” that would engage a backup bleach chlorination system, to maintain the DOH-required PPM residual, in the event the saline system could not keep pace with the bather load.
No Budget - No Problem
These controller upgrades had not been budgeted, so Broken Sound utilized CES’s RTO (Rent/Own) program to provide full installation immediately and allowing the modernization to “pay its own way” out of savings in labor, maintenance, chemicals, & liability, over a three-year period.
At the same time, CES worked closely with Broken Sound to further develop their in-house  water quality programs including enhanced maintenance, record keeping, and code compliance. This was launched with additional training and support, and was supplemented with a monthly CES PM program that provided on-going  testing, training, and support. As new challenges were encountered, CES and Broken Sound worked together to find long-term solutions with a combination of equipment or procedures.
Saline Upgrade: Part 2
Several years later, the original saline chlorinators, which had been installed by a pool company, and which consisted of “ganged up” residential cells, started to fail. As the units failed, the CES control systems were forced to rely more and more on the (bleach) backup chlorine booster mode in order to comply with DOH codes. Broken Sound knew that it had to take action.
Spearheaded by Michael Tompkins, Director of Spa & Fitness, Broken Sound looked for a more industrial solution for the failed saline feed systems. By this time CES had found and begun to market the ChlorKing line of industrial-grade saline chlorinators. In mid-2007 CES installed ChlorKing saline units to replace all the existing units which had mostly failed.
The main pool utilized a single 15 LB ChlorKing saline chlorinator which replaced the (nine-cell) residential model. In each body of water, CES was able to provide more chlorine production with fewer, more powerful industrial saline systems. The new systems also feature a “self-cleaning” cell design that assures more consistent chlorine output, while saving the operators many hours of tedious manual acid soaking of the original cells. The ChlorKing saline cells are equipped with a 15,000-hour warranty, so the payback is assured. The industrial-grade power supply systems have proven to last for many years in other ChlorKing applications. As an added feature, the package also included a special CES / ChlorKing 5000 salinity level controller that automatically maintains the pool salinity level without manually adding bags of salt directly to the pool.
During the same time, Broken Sound had been having issues with their existing DE filter system. They were cleaning the filters nearly every 1-2 days during peak loads, and the water quality would sometimes suffer due to reduced flow rates. The pool pump was difficult to prime, and the entire filter process was antiquated and expensive to operate.
As a part of the new 2007 modernization,  CES designed and installed a new hi-rate filtration system. This included a new self-priming pump with stainless-steel basket strainer, so the priming issues are gone. It also included (3) Baker Hydro filters that require much less frequent backwashing, and only 3 minutes to backwash each of the tanks using the simple (semi-automatic) dial valve.
This entire 2007 modernization was provided at a fixed monthly cost using a CES Lease program. Unlike other fixed-rate programs, Broken Sound will own the equipment at the end of the three-year program, and the savings will continue for years to come.
Broken Sound’s new modernization helps them maintain the excellence in water quality that their members demand. But it is their attention to detail to the overall operation that make them one of the special pool operations in South Florida.
Thursday, November 1, 2007
The previously-installed residential-grade saline installation had (9) cells wired to (9) different control units (left), with a labor-intensive DE filter system. Recently it was replaced by a single 15 lb/day CES/ ChlorKing industrial saline unit (left of filters) coupled with a three-tank semi-automatic sand filtration system, giving huge savings and enhanced water quality.
Broken Sound offers some of the most
spectacular water
 quality in S. Florida