Introducing Acid Magic - a safer to use, non-fuming acid.
For years CES has been searching for a better alternative to Muriatic that would be safer to handle, and one that is less fuming, less corrosion to the pump room, yet equally as strong as muriatic acid. This is quite a tall order!!!

We are proud to announce that we have finally found a product, Acid Magic, that resolves many of the issues of traditional Muriatic acid. ACID Magic is a full-strength Muriatic acid replacement that is safer to ship, store, and handle. This revolutionary blend of proprietary ingredients offers the cleaning and pH reduction of powerful acids while providing increased safety and usability.   

Safer to handle: Acid Magic is much safer to use than Muriatic acid, sulfuric acid, or even reduced-fuming 19% hydrochloric acid. It has been formulated to prevent burning of skin with special buffering agents that actually prevent burns to intact skin. 

Less Fuming: Acid Magic has 90% less fumes than Muriatic acid. You quickly notice this when you open a container, as there are no visible fumes, and little Muriatic odor. Unlike Muriatic acid, which actually has been know to fume “through” the plastic bottle, Acid Magic provides a virtually fume-free environment.

Less Corrosion: The use of Muriatic acid can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your pump room. Even if you tightly cover the acid containers or even dilute the acid, the Muriatic acid fumes will attack pump room components like motor starters, electrical panels, pumps, filters, valves, bolts, doors, fans, heaters, and chemical controllers. Reduced fumes also mean a much safer  working environment.  

Equally as Strong: Unlike other non-fuming alternatives which are weaker and thus more expensive to use, Acid Magic is actually 4% STRONGER than Muriatic acid. The reduced fumes and safer handling are attributed to special proprietary buffering agents that prevent burns to intact skin.

Safer and Cheaper to Ship: ORM-D materials present the lowest level of risk during transportation. The ORM-D category means that ACID MAGIC (in quarts and gallons) can be shipped anywhere in the US using regular UPS or FEDEX Ground. Acid Magic will be less expensive to ship, and it has a less hazardous classification. There will also be reduced HAZMAT Fees associated with the product.

Do not confuse with Weak Acid: 
For years, many have confused Acid Magic with “weak acid”.  But there are distinct differences: Weak Acid (also known by other names) is a watered-down version of regular Muriatic acid. Mostly sold by pool service companies that bottle their own acid from an on-site bulk tank. This acid is commonly delivered in “Red” bottles and contains 19% Hydrochloric versus the standard 31% hydrochloric or 20 Baume, Muriatic acid product. Some customers are confused by the labeling as 19% would seem similar to 20 Baume, but 20 Baume Muriatic (AKA 31% Hydrochloric Acid) is almost twice as strong. Acid Magic is a FULL STRENGTH acid replacement, and thus a much better value than 19% weak acid.

Do not confuse with Sulfuric Acid:
Many have confused ACID MAGIC with Sulfuric Acid, which is also marketed as “non-fuming” acid. According to several sources, 37% Sulfuric acid would be only about 90% as strong as regular 31% Hydrochloric (Muriatic) acid. While Sulfuric acid is know to fume less than muriatic when stored at full strength, there is concern with handling and skin contact with the product as sulfuric is basically a form of battery acid. Additionally, there is great concern with chemical issues on tightly recirculated bodies of water like pools and spas. This is because higher concentrations of sulphates (divalent ions) will tend to make pool/spa water more aggressive than chlorides (monovalent ions) found when Muriatic or Acid Magic is used. In simpler terms, your pool marcite, grout, heaters, valves, etc. may exhibit signs of premature deterioration or wear & tear from aggressive pool water, EVEN THOUGH ALL YOUR POOL WATER PARAMETERS ARE PERFECT on the Langelier or Ryzner scale.

Still need to use precautions:
Even though Acid Magic provides 90% less fumes, and is safer and less hazardous to use, it is still a full strength Muriatic Acid replacement. The warning labels still point out that it contains Hydrochloric Acid, Keep out of sun and away from heat. May cause severe burns on contact with eyes and mucus membranes. Avoid possible vapors. Always provide active ventilation when working with Acid Magic. Use of an acid vapor respirator may be necessary in enclosed areas. Do not take internally. Keep Container closed.

Many uses of Acid Magic:
According to CES counterparts that have been using Acid Magic for quite a few years, there are many uses for the product: 

Excellent pH down and alkalinity adjuster,
Extremely effective (and safer) for use with acid washing pools.
Great for cleaning tile and porcelain,
Cleans brick and concrete,
Removes rust, scale, mineral build up, and stains,
Cleans filter tanks, chlorine generators, and test meter electrodes,
Cleans barnacles, zebra mussels, and scum line from boat hulls,
Paint preparation etching for metal and concrete surfaces,
Cleans vats/tanks, and lines in food and beverage plants,
Please see for specific application instruction sheets.

OK, What is the down side of Acid Magic:
In a word......COST. The added ingredients in Acid Magic along with the additional manufacturing process make this acid more costly to produce and market than Muriatic Acid. A single gallon of Acid Magic costs $6.99 to our standard CES customer. Preferred, Bulk, and Wholesale customers will pay less. This is 50% more than regular Muriatic Acid, but is closer in price to weak acid and sulfuric users. The price difference should be even closer as Acid Magic is cheaper to ship, and will not require extensive HAZMAT fees.

While the price difference may be disturbing to some, many customer have noted that they use relatively few gallons of acid a month in comparison with the hundreds of gallons or pounds of chlorine products they use. So the additional cost in acid is “peanuts” in relation to the added safety and avoidance of pump room/pool surface corrosion or destruction  found with regular full strength acid. 

Other customers note that the added cost is cheap insurance in relation to added safety for workers and patrons alike.

SPECIAL OFFER, Availability:
Starting early January, CES will be stocking gallons of Acid Magic in our main warehouse. We will later stock other sizes (Acid Magic comes in quarts, gallons, 5 gal, 15 gal, 30 gal, 55 gal, and 275 gal) as requested by our valued customers.

As a special offer we will be offering free samples of Acid Magic so that you can personally experience the huge difference in safety and performance first hand. That way, you can see if Acid Magic is right for you.

Please contact your CES rep with any questions or comments......

Acid Magic....finally a better solution for traditional Muriatic acid issues.
Saturday, December 1, 2007
The Egg demonstration shows some of the benefits of the acid magic Muriatic acid replacement. Not only is the gentleman pouring acid directly on his hands with no ill effects, but the full strength Acid Magic is dissolving the outer egg shell while leaving the inner egg (protein) membrane intact. See the video on
Don’t be fooled by the safer, and less fuming characteristics of Acid Magic, it is full strength acid replacement that dissolve concrete and tackles heavy jobs with the same effectiveness as Muriatic.