Chlorine Companion “non chlorine shock” renamed Purolyte®
Many CES customers have been enjoying the high-strength, high-purity Non-Chlorine shock, Chlorine Companion as marketed by CES/Truox, Inc. Effective immediately this product has been renamed Purolyte®. The product formulation, 50 lb packaging (other than the name change) , pallet configuration, and relative pricing remains the same. The product also had previously received EPA approval as a non-chlorine shock.

Why the switch? It appears that the EPA does not encourage a “non-chlorine” product to have a name that contains the word “chlorine”.  That is even if it is a mere companion to chlorine!! Therefore, Truox Inc. had to process the name change.

Here are a few answers to some of your recent Purolyte® questions:
What is the main reason for using Purolyte®?
It is a high-strength oxidizer which works quickly to raise the ORP of the pool without adding chlorine. Raising ORP works well in destroying chloramines and getting rid of chlorine odor, eyeburn, foul taste, etc. You can also help severely damage and, in many cases, completely destroy algae colonies with one quick non-chlorine application. 

How is Purolyte® fed into the pool water?
There are two ways. You can hand feed using the formulas established on the CES chemical dosage calculator**, or you can dispense using the CES Tru-Shock Pro feed station.

How do I know it is working, and what results can I expect?
Customers comment that they can see immediate results after applying a hand-dose of Purolyte®. They have noted that the ORP gets elevated to the 750-850 mV range, while the amount of chlorine required to achieve that ORP actually GOES DOWN. They say the pool is clearer and cleaner overnight. Those customers that have implemented CES Tru-Shock Pro feed stations have reported highly reduced chemical consumption, enhanced clarity, reduced algae, no chlorine odor, and a consistent bright blue color and hue they have never seen in their pools before.

What is the CES hybrid system, and what does it accomplish?
The CES Hybrid system uses a twin oxidizer strategy to provide one of the most potent “one-two” punches in the industry. It uses a patented “all-in-one” tablet chemical (Pulsar briquettes) and a patented Non-chlorine treatment system (Purolyte®) to isolate and destroy unwanted contaminants, which are relatively unaffected by chlorine alone (regardless of how much is used). 

How does Purolyte® save chemicals?
By destroying difficult-to-remove organic compounds and contaminants with a swift non-chlorine treatment, the use of a CES Purolyte® program will reduce chlorination costs significantly. How? Reduction of unwanted compounds and other sources of “chlorine demand” will reduce chlorine’s work load significantly. Although chlorine is nature’s best overall pool water treatment, it is proven to struggle in removing chlorine demand from pool water. Pools that accumulate a chlorine demand  begin to experience exponential chlorine consumption as a result. To return to normal consumption patterns they have traditionally needed to either conduct a large 30-150 PPM shock and dechlorination procedure...or now they can add some Purolyte® and see instant results.

Please contact your CES rep is you have been experiencing heavy chlorine consumption, low ORP levels, high chlorine residuals, smelly or cloudy water, or relentless algae blooms. We can supply and support a solution to your problems, and we will guide you through the entire process.

**The CES Chemical Dosing Calculator is simple to use. Log on to .  Save to your desktop. Enter your pool gallonage and press “calculate” to observe the proper dosages required to accomplish a variety of useful problem-solving procedures. You can even personalize the chart by printing your site name, pool name, etc. If you have any problems using this CES service, please contact your CES service rep.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Purolyte® is either hand dosed, or is fed using CES Tru-Shock Pro feeder. This is an integrated batch mixer and feed station specifically designed for the automatic feeding of high-strength Purolyte® non-chlorine shock. For use with CES Hybrid Treatment Systems!