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Last month we reviewed the features and many benefits of using Acid Magic as a substitute to Muriatic Acid and Sulfuric Acid. Some customers thanked us for the information, received samples, and ordered Acid Magic for their pump rooms....but they told us that we sent the article out during the  busy Holiday Season, and encouraged us to re-send a follow-up article to feature the special programs that we are currently offering. Here we go.......

Effective immediately we are proud to offer the following specials:

#1  Interested in a free sample to experience Acid Magic first hand? Call your CES representative and receive a FREE gallon of Acid Magic for your evaluation. (Maybe you even want to duplicate the egg trick above)?

#2  Effective immediately, there will be NO HAZMAT FEES for shipping of ANY quantity of Acid Magic. There will still be Hazmat fees for Muriatic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, all Chlorine compounds, and most treatment chemicals,  but Acid Magic carries NO Hazmat fees.

#3  While supplies last (600 gallons), CES customers will receive a 30% discount off the LIST price of sample orders of Acid Magic. This will allow you to conduct a more extended trial with great savings. Please note that volume CES Customers already receive a discount off of LIST price, but the extra savings are great while it lasts.

We are happy to announce that we have finally found a product that resolves many of the issues of traditional Muriatic acid. ACID Magic is a full-strength Muriatic acid replacement that is safer to ship, store, and handle. This revolutionary blend of proprietary ingredients offers the cleaning and pH reduction of powerful acids while providing increased safety and usability.   

Please refer to last month’s email for the full story, but in summary, Acid Magic is:

Safer to handle: 

Less Fuming: 

Less Corrosive:   

Equally as Strong as Muriatic:

Safer and Cheaper to Ship:

Not to be confused with Weak (19%) Acid: 

Not to be confused with Sulfuric (Battery) Acid:

Still susceptible to some precautions:

Has Many uses:

According to CES counterparts around the USA,  that have been using Acid Magic for quite a few years, there are many uses for the product: 

Excellent for adjusting alkalinity and lowering pH,
Extremely effective (and safer) for use with acid washing pools,
Great for cleaning tile and porcelain,
Cleans brick and concrete,
Removes rust, scale, mineral build up, and stains,
Cleans filter tanks, chlorine generators, and test meter electrodes,
Cleans barnacles, zebra mussels, and scum line from boat hulls,
Paint preparation etching for metal and concrete surfaces,
Cleans vats/tanks, and lines in food and beverage plants,
Please see for specific application instruction sheets.

Please contact your CES rep with any questions or comments......

Acid Magic....finally a better solution for traditional Muriatic acid issues.
Sunday, January 20, 2008
The Egg demonstration shows some of the benefits of the acid magic Muriatic acid replacement. Not only is the gentleman pouring acid directly on his hands with no ill effects, but the full strength Acid Magic is dissolving the outer egg shell while leaving the inner egg (protein) membrane intact. Watch  the Acid Magic videos on
Introductory offer - Call for a Free Sample - CES customers only
Acid Magic (in gallons) can be shipped FedEX and has NO Hazmat fee  
While supplies last, all CES customers will receive 30% discount
on their first order of Acid Magic.