Stinger Vacuums -  New Programs offer Faster Turnaround!
CES has been providing Stinger Vacuums since early 2003. Well known as the industry’s most advanced and reliable mid-priced vacuum, the Stinger has many great features that set it apart from the competition. However, they are designed and manufactured in Israel, which can make supply parts and service response an issue. While overall, many of the vacuums have operated flawlessly over the years, CES was not overly happy with the service response with the Stinger Vacuums in terms of the turnaround time to resolve some isolated repair issues.
We are proud to announce that CES and Maytronics have introduced  a series of improvements designed to speed up the troubleshooting and repair of your vacuum system. Here’s a partial list of what has been improved:
  1. Maytronics, the manufacturer of CES’s Stinger vacuum, has recently opened a large warehousing and service center in Atlanta, Georgia. Great news... Originally, shipping parts from Israel (including all customs issues) used to take over a month by boat to arrive, and weeks by air. That meant that Maytronics, and all the US Master Distributors of Stingers had to perfectly forecast their sales and service requirements.
  2. Centralized Warehouse. Instead of the US  distributors attempting to forecast and stock the right products in a variety of warehouses around the country,  ALL parts are now stocked in a central location, ready for immediate shipment.
  3. Larger inventory. The Maytronics factory has exponentially increased their investment in the parts inventory in the US. Not only is there a huge stock of new vacuums available for sale, but the parts inventory has grown tremendously.
  4. Fewer Delays: Larger inventories and centralized warehouse location means that CES no longer has to wait for our Jupiter stock inventory of repair parts to arrive. So when your vacuum is diagnosed and  the repair / warranty service is approved, your vacuum can get serviced quicker and better than ever.
  5. US-based repairs. While CES prefers to repair vacuums in house, if we have an extremely puzzling issue, or want to address a recurring problem, the Atlanta repair center is only one-day away!
  6. CES repairs.... more stock, larger repair facility. CES has tripled the stock of repair parts in inventory, and has relocated and up-sized the repair facilty to allow multiple repair, troubleshooting and wet-testing  stations. That means less wait and quicker response.
  7. New track & drive system with more rugged components.
  8. New Warranty: For 2008, the Stinger vacuum has been given a great new 24-month warranty. It covers the motor / fan assembly, the rollers, drive track, and everything except the wearable parts (Brushes and filter bags). It is even warrantied for use in Saline Pools up to 5,000 ppm!
What has remained the same:
  1. Rugged design: only ONE underwater electrical connection, as compared to 4-7 for a comparably equipped competive unit.
  2. Quick Diagnostics: Hook up the CES/Stinger diagnostic tool and you get in instant reading of the motor unit “Hours”, Alarms, and Faults. Makes repairs quicker and more accurate.
  3. Swiveled Cord: The exclusive Stinger swivel prevents cord wrapping and tangling, which is annoying and time-consuming to correct in competitive units.
  4. Remote Control: a standard feature on ALL Stinger vacuums, the fully featured, joystick-contolled remote provides quick and precise spot-cleaning.
  5. Dirty FIlter Sensor: The UL-listed power supply now comes standard with a dirty filter sensor that alerts you when your vacuum bags are in need of cleaning. This will save wear & tear on the vacuum, and will provide the cleanest pool in the shortest period of time.
Did You Receive Bad Service? We can make it right!
Since 2003, there have been several occasions when the level of service we were able to offer was not up to CES standards. We were not happy about it, but many of these issues were well beyond our control. There have been a few recalls of motor units, there have been several defective swivels, and on several occasions there were nationwide shortages of circuit boards and other major parts. The factory has been very forthright in resolving these issues, and have continually modified and improved the vacuums as problems became apparent.
Some customers were affected by these events, and they received poor turn around time. If you are one of them, please let us know, we want to make it right! Contact your CES representative, and we will arrange a complementary tune-up of your vacuum before the busy summer season is upon us.
The US-based warehouse and service center, and CES’s new vacuum repair facility are both designed to improve turn-around time in the event that your vacuum needs service. We are looking forward to continuing to provide excellent care of your Stinger Vacuum, and with these changes, we are looking to do so with the quickest turn-around time ever.
Sunday, February 17, 2008
The Stinger vaccum motor and fan unit is a sealed assembly with a 24-month no-nonsense warranty, and only ONE underwater electrical connection compared to 4-6 for similarly equipped competitive vacuums.
The original track system (shown above) was already the best in the industry. It has been upgraded to an even more rugged design for 2008.
The Stinger Vaccum is the most advanced full-featured vacuum in the industry. Each unit is equipped with caddy cart. 115’ cord with swivel, joystick-controlled remote, and a great 24-month warranty.
Over the years there have been a few isolated issues with repair turnaround and faulty motor units, but the Factory and CES have put together a great program to make these issues a thing of the past.
Great New 24-Month Warranty !