Surf’s Up at CES.....
CES is very proud to announce that it has been chosen as the exclusive Florida & Caribbean factory representative of the FlowRider®. What is it? FlowRider® is the patented, revolutionary “sheet wave attraction” that has taken the water park, cruise ship, and mall-based extreme sports store by storm over the last 5 years.
FlowRider® is NOT new! The first units were installed in 1992, and are still in daily operation. They are in the most dynamic and most successful Water Park operations in the World. These include Schlitterbahn (Texas), Kalahari Indoor Waterpark (Wisconsin), Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park (Hawaii), Freedom of the Seas (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines), Six Flags (Several locations), Jumeirah Beach Resort & Aquapark (Dubai), and many other locations in California, Texas, Chile, Japan, China, South Africa, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, etc.
FlowRider® is not a toy nor a fad! It has spawned “FlowRiding”, which  is an evolving sport with its own regional competitions and international tour championships. The FlowRider® is gaining momentum, and it is creating a solid track record of reliable operation, and tremendous facility revenue generation (both in attendance and food and beverage sales). Yes, it is a fun-maker AND a money-maker at the same time.
How does it work? The FlowRider®’s large turbine pump and stainless steel manifold system generates a thin sheet of water that flows over a stationary wave form. The resulting “wave-like” shape permits riders to slide down, carve a turn, and ride up the simulated wave surface. Under the hood, it is basically a 40,000 gallon turbocharged pool that is equipped with CES automatic chemistry controllers, Pulsar “all in one” tablet feeders, and a semi-automatic sand filtration system. Since water quality is critical to a positive guest experience, the reliability of operations and lack of heavy chlorine odors are top on the operators list.
The FlowRider¨ offers the thrill of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding in a self-contained, compact, flexible and safe design. The FlowRider¨ allows anyone to enjoy the excitement and thrill of catching and riding a wave regardless of skill level. Spectacular to watch, the ride is designed to handle any wipeout. The FlowRider’s¨ waveform is a proprietary composite membrane ride surface that absorbs the energy of impacts, much like a trampoline. Beginners can’t wait to jump back on.
"Flowboarding" is not only a ride... it is a sport. With the look of surfing, the ride of snowboarding and the tricks of skateboarding, Flowboarding is a cross platform boardsport that appeals to ALL boardriders. Endorsed by today's action sports heroes, Flowboarding will energize your facility with aspiring athletes (and 'wanna-be's') who will ride again-and-again to enhance their boardriding skills. Not only does this promote repeat business and increase revenue, but the better a rider gets... the greater the show for your viewing audience!
CES has many roles in FlowRider®’s upcoming success.  First, we are assisting customers in assessing if the FlowRider® attraction is right for their aquatic operations. We will be producing cost and revenue reports to see how well the FlowRider® will pay its own way out of the revenue that it has proven to generate. Then,  CES will assist in the coordination of the design, DOH Approval, contracting, and factory installation of the FlowRider® attraction. Additionally, CES will be designing, co-installing, and helping maintain the ever-critical water quality control mechanical systems that will keep the riders coming back for more. Finally, CES will be helping maintain the on-site factory warranty for the ride, hydraulic systems, and treatment packages.
Be on the lookout for a FlowRider® coming soon near you..... While the malls, Cruise Ships, and Water Parks have discovered how the tremendous appeal of the FlowRider® is a can’t-miss feature in their operations, .....the next wave of FlowRider®  attractions may well come from your local Park and Recreation operations.
Please contact your CES representative for more information on FlowRider®.
Thursday, May 31, 2007
CES Customer - Adrenalina - is featuring a FlowRider® in their Orlando and Miami mall-based extreme sports stores. More locations are on the way. Coming to a Mall near you!!
FlowRider® rides are equally popular with beginners and experts alike. The soft composite membrane works like a trampoline, making it so safe to use, that even the wipeouts are fun.
The Royal Caribbean Freedom of the SeasTM features a FlowRider® single which is one of the most popular activities on-board this state-of-the-art Ocean Liner..