CES introduces digital display & automatic CONTROL of Salinity levels.
Saline units have become extremely popular, and they have higher outputs and better features than ever before. But the industry has yet to overcome the biggest complaint to their use...that is the need to manually monitor and maintain the proper salt levels in the pool or spa.
That is, until now! CES is proud to announce the first fully automatic system of reading AND dispensing of salt in order to maintain DIRECT CONTROL of salinity levels.
All saline systems, regardless of manufacturer, require that some predetermined level of salinity be maintained in the pool or spa. The tighter the control of salinity levels, the more consistent the chlorine output, and the lower of potential for premature equipment repairs or cell failures.
Some residential units suggest a 2,000-3,500 PPM level of salinity in the pool, while the most popular commercial units suggest a 4,500-6,500 PPM level. To accomplish a 5,000 initial dose on a 100,000 gallon community pool, one would need to add approximately (100) 40-lb bags of salt to the pool. One must be careful not to use the wrong type of salt or  to let the salt accumulate on the pool surface, as these factors might contribute to staining of the pool finish**.
The well known problem is that the salt concentration of a pool or spa is constantly changing each and every day. It is lowered with the addition of new water due to pool leaks, splash out and rain. It is raised with the addition of salt or use of salt-based chlorine such as sodium hypochlorite. Herein lies the challenge, as the operator must continually test and adjust the saline concentration to keep the units operating to factory specifications.
Enter the CES/ChlorKing5000 Pro integrated system that reads AND adjusts saline levels automatically. The control unit continually reads the saline level accurately using the latest in toroidal sensor technology. You merely enter the desired setpoint of your optimum saline level for your pool, and pour weeks or months worth of salt into a specially-designed saturator vessel located in the pump room. The ChlorKing5000 Pro will do the rest. Whenever your saline level drops below the optimum setpoint, the system will activate a feed device, add the concentrated saline solution to the pool, and thus assure that the saline level is always being maintained within optimum parameters. Once the saline level reaches the setpoint, it will shut down the feed until it is needed again.
No more dragging hundreds of bags of salt to the pool deck, cutting the bags, broadcasting the salt, and continual brushing until the salt is all dissolved.
For more information on CES saline systems, please visit http://www.ceswaterquality.com/chlorking.php.  You will find more information on saline chlorination in general, as well as details on the CES/ChlorKing fully automatic controller for salinity levels.
**Saline equipment manufacturers agree that we should use only salt that is: high purity (99% pure salt), additive free (completely free from additives and chemicals), and fast-dissolving (the finest grade of evaporated salt is 100% soluble, and dissolves quickly and evenly). The premium salt may cost a bit more than the local supply store salt, but it is well worth the savings in time and peace of mind.
Sunday, February 11, 2007
The control unit is simple to install and to operate. Comes with on-site support from CES.
New Toroidal Sensor technology provides more accurate saline readings with a fraction of the maintenance of older sensors.
The ChlorKing® 5000 has a bright display, indicating salt in the water as PPM.  The faceplate is also equipped with a visual alarm, indicating that salt is too low.